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Ben Franklin for Fund-raising Events


Ben’s abilities to rally support for causes he believed in make him the perfect speaker for any fund-raiser.  His ability to get people to work together for a common cause resulted in the creation of:

  • The first public library in the Colonies
  • The University of Pennsylvania
  • The first organized fire department
  • The first fire insurance company
  • The first hospital in Philadelphia

He even funded that hospital by using a concept of his own invention – matching grants.  Because Ben believed so firmly in the power of collective influence to motivate and because his methods were so effective, he was able to loosen purse strings for many important causes and became the role model for community service.  Audiences at today’s fundraisers can expect a motivational speech that will engage and inspire. The will  hear the true story and not the legendary but inaccurate one of “Ben Franklin and the Kite.” They will gain  a very upfront and personal understanding of Ben’s role in writing the Declaration of Independence, of his role in the Revolutionary War,  and of his participation in the Constitution.  They will hear, too, of his search for an organized pattern of living, which led to what we call today Ben Franklin’s 13 Virtues.

“Thank you for performing at our fund-raiser. Your knowledge and ability to bring Ben back to life was amazing. I was told by those in attendance that you were the best Ben Franklin they’d ever seen.”
Susan Borders, Director, Darby Free Library, Darby, PA (established 1743)

“A standing ovation to Chris Lowell! . Wise, witty, wonderful! Ben Franklin’s appearance at our dinner was the icing on the conference cake.”
Starr Snead, Executive Director, Advanced Program Council, Washington, D.C.

Ben Franklin at your fund-raiser?  Yes!  Let a delightful, witty,  and unexpected Founding Father inspire your association.  Contact Chris Lowell today to discuss ways to bring him to your next meeting.

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