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Ben Franklin for Educators & Students


Schools sometimes struggle to provide quality educational enrichment for their students–programs that bring curriculum to life in exciting and meaningful ways.

Ben Franklin’s presence in your school, be it an elementary school, a middle or high school, or an institution of higher learning, is the perfect antidote to “history is boring!”  Here is a man whose life was a model of those values we all seek to inculcate in students:  life-long learning, community service, tolerance, scientific achievement and patriotism.  And here, students will learn that  Ben Franklin’s education was short-lived but that he had a thirst for learning that lasted all his life.  Among the interesting facts about Benjamin Franklin that students will hear is that Ben’s formal education only lasted for two years, but he made up for it by founding universities and libraries, and contributing to educational efforts in many different areas.

With programs from Ben,  young students will learn about why we needed to break from England and found our new nation. They will hear of Ben’s inventions:  inventions like the odometer, the bifocal glasses, the lightning rod and the glass armonica.  Older students will hear of Ben’s commitment to learning and to service.  They will hear the true story of Ben’s participation in writing the Declaration of Independence, his work in Paris as our first ambassador, and of his contributions to the Constitution.

Was Ben a Federalist?  Would he be a Democrat or Republican today?  Older students, from high school through graduate level, will be able to get answers to some of these questions with a visit from Ben.

Consider, then a “Ben Franklin Day” at your school or  university and help breathe new life into our nation’s past.   Because of his 43 years in the classroom and over 50 on stage, Chris is uniquely qualified to interest, to excite, and to engage students, and brings our history to life while renewing interest in history in general and our American beginnings in particular.  In both large group assemblies and in small classes, he has presented programs to students at every level, both in the U.S. and in Europe, providing students with a special experience, as entertaining as it is educational.   Equally at home in a second grade classroom as he is in giving a Convocation address at a university, Chris has elicited testimonials such as the following:

“What you do makes a difference in the lives of children. Your presentations are an event they will never forget”
Elma Ruiz, Social Studies Curriculum Coordinator, Denver Public Schools

“You really captured the spirit of our school! Terrific!”
Rev. George Andrews, Headmaster, St. Andrews School, Boca Raton, FL

“Thank you for such a convincing portrayal and inspired interpretation. Judy and I are privileged to have made your acquaintance. Thank you…for bringing an incredible founding father to 21st Century life!”
Stephen Jones, President Urbana University, Urbana, OH

“A fabulous way to learn!”
Laura Sisti, Artist- Art Teacher, Woodinville, WA

“You were magnificent, through and through…you emphasized education, making a useful life through practical problem solving, and service to the common good…. an extraordinary day of learning! Thank you for nourishing the spirit of us all.”
— Paul Geise, Headmaster, Pine Point School, Stonington, CT

See what others around the country have said by viewing our testimonials page. To reserve a date on Chris’s calendar for a visit as Ben, contact Chris.

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