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Ben Franklin for Diversity Celebrations


Benjamin Franklin is the ideal speaker for your next Diversity Day celebration, Black History Month commemoration, Martin Luther King Day event, or indeed, any gathering where valuing diversity is championed. Because Ben was known for his fair dealings with Native Americans, he was often chosen to be a representative in Indian affairs.

Although a slave owner as a young man, his objectivity and basic sense of fairness caused him to rethink his early prejudices about the intellectual capacities of African slaves and the morality of the slave trade. His change of mind on these issues led to his becoming an important early Abolitionist, whose eloquence in opposing slavery helped bring others to the cause. Indeed, in his very last months, he petitioned our new Congress to abolish slavery and the slave trade.

Ben was far in advance of his time in his advocation for equal educational opportunities for women.  And when he created the first library in the colonies, he insisted that women be permitted equal access to its collection.

For these reasons, Ben is a perfect speaker for any event that champions tolerance and the diversity of our culture.

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