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Ben Franklin! Witty, wise, and warmly human as portrayed by internationally recognized actor/historian Christopher Lowell, Ben will make an unforgettable keynoter for your next event. A brilliant and creative business leader and community servant, Ben will energize your group with practical suggestions from his day on management, sales, and human resources, while renewing admiration and appreciation for those leaders who helped create our nation. And for educators, he will present a role model for life-long learning, ethics, and achievement to your students while making history alive and accessible.

As Franklin, Chris tailors the length, content and tone of his presentations to the needs and desires of each audience, bringing history to vivid and inspirational life. Chris uses a combination of skills honed over many years on the stage and in the classroom to bring historical accuracy and a high level of theatricality to his presentations.

Bring our history to life and electrify your audiences with the ever surprising, ever inspiring Ben Franklin. And learn how you, too, can become “healthy, wealthy, and wise!”



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